How Long Is Enough Time To Clean Your Home?

How Long Is Enough Time To Clean Your Home?

Standards of cleaning and what is expected is going to be different amongst clients.   Some clients are happy to be guided with how long we believe it will take to fully clean their home, others are not.

We are all different and have different understandings of what constitutes value for money, however, when you are expecting a four hour service but only wanting to book and pay for 2 hours, you are not going to get the whole area covered, or potentially the level of clean you are expecting.

As a guide a 2 bed, 1 bathroom home (smallish in size without multiple living spaces) that has a shower screen and a kitchen, will take at least 2 hours to clean properly.

We have recently had a client who feels that a larger home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms will be mostly cleaned in 2 hours.   This is a recipe for disaster because, even though some cleaners will knock themselves out in the time given, even staying longer to try and get more done without pay, others will not and stick to their booked and paid hours.

The answer ?   There isn’t one, but if you are looking to build a longer term relationship with a cleaning service it is important that you are realistic with how long it will take to get through the home.   Any incorrect belief that your large home is fully cleanable in half the time of others will only leave you unhappy when it is not achieved.

At @daisybeeclean we always try and be flexible, offering the correct advice and trying to work with clients to schedule in jobs on one visit and other jobs the next time.

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